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We don’t wait for people to find us – we go to them.

People who are struggling with homelessness can find it difficult to access services. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the support they need so we go out and meet with people where they are – on the street, in the community and in homes or temporary accommodation across the city.
See more on our Street Team and Visiting Outreach below.
Street Team

Every day our dedicated Street Team go out on the streets to look for and engage with anyone who is sleeping rough or at risk of homelessness in Edinburgh.

Our Street Team is able to offer immediate support and advice as well as encouraging people to use services that can help them. This includes linking people into the Streetwork Holyrood Hub – our centre providing basic amenities, specialist drop-ins and on-going support from our staff team.
  • The Street Team pop into the Edinburgh Access Practice on Thursdays (1.45 – 3pm) to connect to connect with women accessing the health drop-in.
  • On Wednesday’s the team links with the Links Place Drop-in service supporting women selling sex in Leith.
  • Through our StreetReach email and phoneline we are able to respond to concerns passed on to us by members of the public or from colleagues in other organisations.

By meeting people where they are, we can help start the process of enabling a life off the streets.

Visiting Outreach

We go out and meet with people in a wide range of settings to build connections and positive relationships so that we can support those who are most at risk of homelessness.

Our Visiting Housing Support team works with those who are in temporary accommodation or new tenancies. This includes supporting people who may be recovering from homelessness, living with the effects of trauma or facing other difficulties such as addictions or poor mental health. Moving into accommodation can be lonely and isolating. By providing both practical and emotional support in their own homes and communities, we can help people achieve more stability and avoid future housing difficulties. We reach out and respond to what people need, so that people are able to recover and enjoy their home and community.
Our Streetyouth team engage with young people (up to 25 years), including groups in parks, community settings, youth clubs and hostels. We provide information, talk about harm reduction and ensure young people are safe. Each month we also visit Edinburgh’s residential care homes to build relationships and help young people prepare for independent living when they leave care.
During winter our outreach team visits the winter care shelters regularly so that we can connect with and support people who have stayed overnight – including those who are recently homeless and may not know what support is available.

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“It’s a good service. They help everyone that comes in.”

From someone who received Streetwork Support

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