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A – Z Fundraising Ideas


Afternoon Tea.

Put the kettle on for your family, friends/colleagues. Any money coming from the tea or coffee goes to us.


Bag packing at local supermarket.

Ask your local supermarket if you can hold a bag packing day for Streetwork. It’s a great way to provide a service to the local community while supporting us too.


Cinema screening.

Organise a cinema event. Can be hosted in the school/college/university hall, work canteen, your living room or the local cinema. Get some pop corn and ice cream ready to raise extra cash for the night.


Dress down day.

Dress in your comfiest outfit in the office. Any participant pays a small fee.


Eating competition.

How many doughnuts can you eat all at once? Raise money with entry fees and have fun! Send us the pictures and videos!


Fashion show.

Hold a fashion show at home and sell tickets to your friends and family to see you and your pals strut your stuff.


Give it up!

For a week, 2 weeks or even a month! You want to give up on one habit that you’ve always had, for instance smoking, television, alcohol, driving, chocolate. Donate to us any money that you save up.


Hour of pay.

Donate just an hour of your pay day. Get some colleagues and relatives to do it.


International Evening / International Day.

Choose your country or several countries. Think of dress codes, food and music. Charge your guests an entry fee.


Jewellery making/selling.

Use your creative jewellery making skills. Hold a sale with what you make.


Keep fit workout session.

Whether you are a gym instructor or wants to get your local gym involved, donate the cost of a keep fit lesson to us.


Ladies who lunch day.

Organise lunch in exchange for a donation.


Music event.

Gather friends and family for your own music event. You can even get local bands and venues involved.


New Year’s Eve Party

Edinburgh at this time of the year can be really busy. Host your own party, charge cheaper than anywhere else and have fun with your friends and family!


Obstacle race.

Host an indoors/outdoors obstacle race. Charge for the entrance. And get sponsorship for it too.


Photo competitions/sales.

Whether or you are amateur or professional, hold a competition for interesting snaps. All entrants to pay a fee. Get a jury involved. You can even consider selling some of your pictures for one day and donate any extra cash to us.



Contact your local pub. If your local pub doesn’t run a pub quiz, set one up. Do it at a local college, at a day centre for older people, in your town or village hall



Get local businesses, friends and family to donate prizes and raffle them off to raise funds.


Swear Box.

Get your friends, family and colleagues to pay 50p in a box if they swear!


Talent contest.

Organise a mini “Britain’s Got Talent” at home, showing your own talent, the talents of your friends and family! Charge entry and offer prizes.


Ugly face pulling competition.

Get your friends and family to do the most outrageous face, gather pictures for us! Charge a fee for each entrant.



Organise visits to local places or tourist destinations


Walk to Work / University.

Donate what you would have spent on petrol or travel costs.


Xmas Fairy / Party.

Get your pals together for a big Christmas party, or sell home-made gifts at a Christmas fair.


Year long challenge.

Set yourself a year long challenge – lose weight, take up a sport, learn a new skill – and raise funds throughout 12 months.


Dress up as a Zebra for the day!

Collect donations for us. Please send us pictures!

“They are consistent, very flexible, non judgement, always positive, always have time. If I want something they advocate.”

From someone who received Streetwork Support

We couldn't do any of the good work we do without these people.


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