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Our Mission & Values


We enable life off the street for people in Edinburgh who face extremely difficult circumstances.

Our work and relationships are underpinned by the following values:

Compassion & Hope

  • We welcome and respond with kindness, care and support, no matter how extreme someone’s needs or circumstances.

Humanity & Equality

  • We are committed to making it easy for people to access the support they need and are entitled to, regardless of their history or the barriers they face.

Choice & Control

  • We work alongside people so they can build their independence and regain choice and control in all areas of their life.

Dignity & Respect

  • From the start we build relationships based on respect and trust. Each person’s journey is different and asks for our understanding, not our judgement.

Collaboration & Connection

  • We actively build connections and work with a wide range of people and organisations so that people can get the best possible support.

“I am more honest, I tell people how I am feeling more.”

From someone who received Streetwork Support

Streetwork is proud to be part of Simon Community Scotland. Charity Registered in Scotland No. SC003076. Limited Company No. SC137419.
Registered address: 472 Ballater Street, Glasgow. G5 0QW.